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Ministry launches Rapid Results Initiative

A Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) to upscale implementation of the Ministry’s priority programs in 100 days has been launched. It will run from 22nd January to 6th May 2016.
Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki launched the program during the first strategic meeting held with the Ministry’s senior staff at the Kenya School of Government on 22nd January 2016.
The RRI theme is“Creating impact and socio-economic transformation through public service delivery driven by a renewed transformative, emotionally connected public servant (public servant DNA)”.
The RRI will focus on the following seven thematic areas; Youth and women empowerment funds and programmes, Huduma Kenya Programme, Human Resource Policy Management for National and County Government, Gender Policy and Legislation, National Youth Service, Enabling Administration Support services, Communication and Visibility.

Key responsibilities for the programme includes: RRI Sponsor, Cabinet Secretary; Mrs. Sicily Kariuki, RRI Strategic Leader, PS Gender Affairs; Ms. Zeinab Hussein and RRI Results Leader , PS Public Service and Youth Affairs Mrs. Lillian Mbogo-Omollo
The terms of reference for the RRI team will be as follows:Compile Ministerial issues guided by the Cabinet Secretary in terms of priority;Conduct rapid baseline survey; Collect relevant data and prepare a performance reporting dash board;Undertake real time tracking of the goals;Prepare and provide bi-weekly reports on progress to each Head of Department;Provide monthly report to HODs;Develop a Report Electronic Dashboard;Align performance reporting to Ministry’s performance dashboard .