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Murang’a County leading in Affirmative Action Fund loans repayment rate, reveals CS Kariuki.

Sabasaba, Murang’a County         Monday, November 27, 2017

Youth and Gender Affairs Cabinet Secretary Mrs Sicily Kariuki has hailed Murang’a County for leading in the repayment of Affirmative Action Fund in the country. The County’s repayment rate of the funds advanced to women and youth groups is over a hundred per cent.

Mrs. Kariuki made the remarks during the launch of Huduma Mashinani programme and the issuance of Affirmative Action Funds in the County at Sabasaba Catholic Church, Maragwa in Murang’a County. During the occasion, the CS disbursed over Ksh 40 million in aid of Women and Youth groups in the county.

Revealing that over Ksh 101 million have so far been distributed to over 9,815 groups this year alone, CS Kariuki directed the officers from the Affirmative Funds present to enlist and train residents on the benefits accrued from government opportunities so as to transform their livelihood.

“The present government has allocated the Affirmative Action Fund with sufficient monies to loan out as free interest loans for the purpose of ensuring equity in economic empowerment to vulnerable groups. The more you repay, the more we give you this money. I will not shy away from disbursing the loans so that we uplift the welfare of our people,” CS Kariuki affirmed.

Reiterating her condemnation to hooligans who meted women, girls and children with violence including gang raping under the guise of advancing their selfish political ends, Mrs. Kariuki urged peace loving Kenyans to resist attempts from a section of politicians bent on using them to instigate chaos.

Mrs. Kariuki called on wananchi to be alert and report anyone found to be committing such heinous outlawed vices to law enforcement authorites.

“As the country continues to mark the 16-

 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence which I launched last Saturday, I call upon all stakeholders not to rel

CS Kariuki praised Murang’a County for electing more women in elective positions noting that this is in line with the Two-Thirds Gender Rule.

Others who attended the event were MPS, Hon. Peter Kihara (Mathioya), Hon. Alice Wahome (Kandara), Hon. Mary Wamaua Njoroge (Maragwa), government officials and local leaders.


CS Kariuki encourages 2017 KCPE and KCSE candidates

CS Kariuki ExamsCS Kariuki encourages 2017 KCPE and KCSE candidates

Public Service, Youth and Genders Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Mrs Sicily Kariuki has wished success to this year's KCPE and KCSE candidates ahead of their examinations which kick off today across the country.

Mrs Kariuki,who visited Kasarini Primary School and Kiambu High School in Kiambu County, assured the candidates that the Government, through the Ministry of Education, has put in place measures to ensure that nothing distracts them during this examination period.

“My interaction with you is to witness the commencement and the level of preparedness of the National Examinations and to instil confidence in you so as to pass and shatter the ceiling glass to succeed in your future endeavours", CS Kariuki told the candidates.
"As we have gone through a turbulent political season culminating in re-electing President Uhuru Kenyatta with overwhelming votes, I convey the President's best wishes to you and his assurance to the Kenyan youth of mandatory internship of University graduates to equip them with needed skills as they enter into the job markets" the CS added.

She encouraged the candidates to be courageous during the entire examination process. The CS further urged the students to maintain high standards of discipline, determination and to avoid engaging in anti-social behaviours in order to be responsible citizens.

“Do not be possessed by the spirit of evil and confusion brought about by peer pressure and instead be masters of your own to determine your future success," CS Kariuki advised.
The KCSE candidates have been undertaking practical examinations which will end on Thursday while the main ones are scheduled from 6th to 30th November. Rehearsals are set for November 3.

Mrs. Kariuki was accompanied by Regional Education Coordinator Mr. Barongo and Kiambu County Education Director Mr. Abdirahman among other County Teachers Service Commission officials.

On arrival at Kiambu High School, CS Kariuki was received by the School Principal, Mr. Solomon Maina.

Government committed in Empowering the youth, asserts CS Kariuki.

Empowering youthPublic Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Mrs. Sicily Kariuki has reaffirmed that the Government has put in place elaborate measures to finding a lasting solution to the myriad challenges facing the young people in the country.
CS Kariuki made the remarks during the inaugural meeting of the Bipartisan Youth Initiative for Peace and Empowerment held in Nairobi on Friday.
The CS cited the creation of at least 6.5 million jobs for the youth over the next five years saying that efforts will be concentrated on investments in the sectors that are growth oriented and job creating.
Reiterating the Government commitment in investing in the youth and supporting their empowerment, Mrs. Kariuki noted that as the country’s greatest asset, there is need to position them to channel their energies to growing the economy and delivering Kenya’s vision to be a fully industrialized middle income country by the year 2030.
“In order for these investments to continue to bear fruit and the youth to continue earning sustainable livelihoods, there is need to ensure that businesses are not interrupted. Government would be keen to ensure that the totality of investment made in these initiatives is protected for the benefit of subsequent needy cases,” CS Kariuki affirmed.
Additionally, the Cabinet Secretary noted that the Government will improve the quality and quantity of the middle level workforce by aligning the curriculum with the needs of industry, revitalizing youth polytechnics, completing the construction of the 70 Technical Training Institutes (TTIs) and supporting one year paid internships for all graduates of public polytechnics, TIVETs and Universities.

“Government will also be continuing entrepreneurship support for the youth by creating the Biashara Bank by merging the Micro and Small Enterprise Authority, the Youth Enterprises Development Fund, the Women Enterprises Fund and the Uwezo Fund to provide coordination in the delivery of affordable financing and support for business development,” the CS added.
Revealing the establishment of a Youth Development Council to provide coordination of all youth related activities and facilitate the necessary training, skills, CS Kariuki said the Government will be carrying out a continuous Ward, Constituency and County level registration process through the Ajira Platform and link them to potential employers.
“This administration will also expand the participation of young people in national development and guarantee that 30% of all appointments, projects and budgets specifically target them. This coupled with the establishment of Young Professionals Management Programme will prepare highly talented young people to work in the Public Service,” CS Kariuki told the attentive youth leaders.
Noting that since 2013, 45 Huduma Centers are operational in 44 Counties providing 66 Government Services under one roof, Mrs. Kariuki said other incentives are interest free credit through Affirmative Funds namely UWEZO Fund, disbursing over Ksh. 2 billion to about 250,000 youth across the country; Women Enterprise Fund benefiting more than 1 million women, 30% of whom are young women with Ksh. 7.7 billion in the last 4 years; and, the Youth Enterprise Development Fund which has reached over 600,000 youth directly since 2013 with over Ksh. 5.5 Billion.
“Government has additionally focused on catalysing youth economies in all Constituencies in Kenya and instilling a sense of duty, service, patriotism and humanism among the younger generation. This has been done through NYS under which 52,000 youth have undergone in-house training and an addition 250,000 plus cohorts engaged in nation building activities across more than 240 Constituencies in Kenya. These youth are organized into 500 SACCOs with cumulative savings exceeding Ksh. 2.0 Billion,” CS Kariuki added.
On the way forward, Mrs. Kariuki advised the youth leaders to inculcate a sense of ownership and decentralize their meetings to grassroots level for inclusivity so as to bring all on board to chart their future.
“Be careful that your efforts yield genuine results and lasting peace as opposed to being anecdotes of purpose and personal fulfilment for those championing this agenda. Remember to pay attention to youth online communities and build a robust network of like-minded youth who are adequately equipped to use creative tools and knowledge on social media to push the peace agenda, the CS advised
Mrs. Kariuki further advised the youth “not to reward “bad behaviour” by focusing attention and resources on where there is negativity and trouble but instead focus on positively contributing to peace in their communities”.
At the end of the session, the youth leaders issued a joint statement avowing to pursue peace and dialogue regardless of their political affiliation and their determination to creating an enabling environment for all to thrive.

Government Committed in Eradicating all Forms Gender Based Violence, CS Kariuki.

Government Committed in Eradicating all Forms Gender Based Violence, CS Kariuki.

Gigiri, Nairobi November 2, 2017

Gender violencePublic Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Mrs. Sicily Kariuki, has reiterated government’s endeavour for men, women, girls and boys to realize their rights to equal opportunities in political, social, economic and cultural spheres.

Asserting the Government’s commitment to eradicate all forms of discrimination against women, CS Kariuki said that Kenya has initiated several affirmative measures to redress any disadvantage suffered by women due to past discrimination.

CS Kariuki made the remarks in her Video Conference speech from the United Nations Offices in Gigiri, Nairobi while addressing the occasion of consideration of Kenya’s 8th Periodic Report, at the 68th Session of the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women being held at the United Nations Offices in Geneva, Switzerland.

Outlining measures undertaken to ensure gender equality, CS Kariuki noted that over the last 6 years, various laws for implementing gender equality and inclusion have been enacted which include:

The National Gender and Equality Commission Act, 2011;

The Matrimonial Property Act, 2013;

The Marriage Act, 2014;

The Protection from Domestic Violence Act, 2015;

The Land Act, 2012;

The Land Registration Act;

Counter-Trafficking Act - No. 8 of 2010;

The Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Act; 2011;

Amendment of the Sexual Offences Act; 2006;

The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act NO. 12 of 2011;

The Kenya National Human rights Act, 2012 which is mandated to promote and protect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all;

Fair administrative action Act – Act no 4 of 2015, whose mandate is to ensure fair administrative Action for all and:

The Treaty Making and Ratification Act no. 45 of 2012, ensures domestication of International Treaties.

Besides these measurers, the Cabinet Secretary reported that Kenya has witnessed unprecedented transformation in women’s political participation since the promulgation of the Constitution 2010 despite many challenges.

“The Government has strengthened the National Gender Machineries. For the first time in the history of Kenya, a fully-fledged Department of Gender Affairs that is well capacitated, both financially and staffing, has been established”, CS Kariuki stated.

“The Government takes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seriously. We have embarked on the institutionalization of the (SDGs) through the adoption a Cabinet Memorandum that directs all Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies to mainstream the goals in all policy, planning and budgeting processes. This will ultimately ensure that no one is left behind towards the realization of the 2030 agenda on sustainable development.” CS Kariuki added.

On economic empowerment for women, Mrs. Kariuki said the Governments firmly believes in their right to decent work, full and productive employment, implementing SDG 5 and the targets, as vital enablers of women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work.

“We have therefore continued to strengthen our Affirmative Action Funds: Women Enterprise Fund, UWEZO (Ability Fund), Youth Enterprise Development Fund as well as the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities. We have endeavoured to increase outreach and facilitated access by women to these life changing initiatives”, Mrs Kariuki noted.

CS Kariuki further noted that under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta, that the 30% government procurement enterprises continues to transform the lives of women, youth and persons living with disability saying 15,000 people, majority of who are women have benefited from tenders worth over Ksh 4 Billion.

The CS observed that the Government in partnership with UN agencies launched a 4 year joint programme meant to accelerate efforts to prevent Gender Based Violence, strengthen protection of its survivors and ensure expeditious prosecution of GBV cases among others.

“Our greatest challenge, however, has been our unsuccessful efforts to enact legislation for the realization of the not more than Two Thirds Gender Principle in the constitution,” Mrs. Kariuki told the delegates.

CS Kariuki stated that the Government is committed to tackle negative patriarchal attitudes in parliament in order to ensure enactment of legislation for realization of the not more than Two Thirds gGnder representation in Parliament is during this parliamentary term.

Mrs Kariuki reiterated Kenya’s commitment to the Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women. “Our continued commitment to complying with the reporting mechanisms, procedures and the application of the Convention at the national level is unequivocal” The CS stated in her concluding remarks.. 

During the Video Conference, CS Kariuki was accompanied by Principal Secretary for Gender Affairs, Ms Mwanamaka Mabruki and senior UN and Government officials.

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