State Department for Performance and Delivery Management



A centre of excellence in institutionalization of performance management for quality service delivery. 



To effectively and efficiently institutionalize performance management and delivery of services in the public sector 



The Executive Order No.2 of November 2023 on Organization of the Government of the Republic of Kenya assigns the following mandate to the State Department for Performance and Delivery Management: 

  1. Coordinate the institutionalization of Performance Management in the Public Service;
  2. Oversee performance of Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies in service delivery;
  3. Coordinating identification of innovative mechanisms to address challenges affecting public service to facilitate smooth operations between Ministries, Departments and Agencies;
  4. Monitoring and evaluating performance to ensure contracting parties are within the parameters of the agreed performance targets; and
  5. Monitoring the implementation of Government’s priority programmes and projects.

Core Values

The State Department upholds the following core values in service delivery:

  1. Whole- of Government: Inculcate a synergized work ethic in the public service;
  2. Open Government: Uphold and promote transparency, accountability, inclusivity and participation of the people in the national development agenda;
  3. Professionalism: Uphold high level of competence, diligence, and meritocracy in work performance and apply quality standards in service delivery;
  4. Teamwork: Endeavour to attain targeted results through a high level of coordination, networking and collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders;
  5. Innovativeness: Adopt creativity in operations and solutions in addressing emerging issues;
  6. Results oriented: Focus on efficiency in delivery of services to the citizenry;
  7. Commitment to delivery: Discharge its functions guided by the aspirations of the government’s development agenda.

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Ministry of Public Service, Performance and Delivery Management.

Office of the President, Harambee Avenue.

P.O. Box 30050 – 00100


Telephone: +254-20-2227411



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